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Helicopters Change and Save Lives

The importance of helicopters has increased over the past 75 years due to the incredible, evolving technology that some say began centuries ago as a simple child's toy. Rotary wing aviation has taken mankind to new heights from military and medical to commercial and even private arenas. Worldwide news outlets have regularly reported successful armed forces air strikes, daring rescues, weather and traffic updates, and more thanks to helicopters.

The American Helicopter Museum and Education Center, the nation's premier aviation museum devoted exclusively to helicopters, seeks to preserve the amazing history that built this versatile machine, educate visitors of all ages and inspire generations to continue the dream that is rotary wing flight. Established in 1996, the West Chester nonprofit does so by collecting, restoring and displaying rotary wing aircraft, including over 35 civilian and military helicopters, autogiros and convertiplanes in its current collection.

  • A Fund-A-Field-Trip program was established this year to enable underfunded organizations to visit the museum for learning and fun.
  • A beautiful new theater and two new class/conference rooms were added as part of an ongoing expansion project that will allow more flexibility for rented events, meetings, classes, and more.
  • The Women in Aerospace Technology Program has provided hands-on STEM training to hundreds of young girls for the past seven years.

If only you could see the wonderment and joy on a child's face that first time sitting in a REAL LIVE helicopter here at the museum. Or know the solemn gratitude of a family whose loved one was rescued from a dangerous situation or transported to a life-saving facility. Or feel the relief of soldiers facing enemy fire when a rotary-winged savior swooped down from the heavens to lead them to safety. If only you could realize how important helicopters are.

AHMEC is that place for you to learn, but, in order to continue, enhance and expand our programs, facilities and collections, we need your help. Please donate TODAY to bring more smiles, and support the technology that has given so much to so many.